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How to Add Your Own Extra Magic to Your Disney Trip

By Kristen, Ambassador of Adventure at Celebration Shirts

From resorts, to the parks, to the characters and the memories made, Disney Vacations are nothing short of magical. But if you’re looking for ways to add your own extra pinch of pixie dust, I’ve compiled my top five favorite ways to put a personal touch on any Disney trip!

1. Custom Gear
It’s almost mandatory to get the classic Mickey Ear Hat and Disney World shirt on one’s first visit to the Magic Kingdom, but if you want to stand out above the crowd or if you’re going with a group or family reunion and want to coordinate, custom ears and personalized shirts are the way to go! We’ve worn Celebration shirts on numerous trips and they’re perfect! Fully customized Disney shirts to fit our trip and our personalities! We received so many compliments on them and have seen several large families wearing them in the park! They’re great for adding your own personal touch to your park day wardrobe! I am a big fan of custom ears! They’re a fun way to express your Disney side and a great way to accessorize if you plan on Disney Bounding. 

2. Decorate Your Room
A lot of people don’t know you can do this (and there are rules for what you can and cannot use to decorate, so make sure to read up on those) but you can totally decorate your room! Celebrating a birthday or special occasion during your stay? Find creative ways to drape streamers and hang balloons! Just want to add an extra pop of your personal flair? Decorate your window with a sign, window clings, or themed garland! We stayed in one of the pirate themed rooms at Caribbean Beach one year and made it our own by bringing our own pirate swag!

3. Disney Bounding
Disney Bounding is a great way to add a little extra splash to your trip by dressing up as your favorite character without having to wear a full on costume or wait for Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party to roll around! Pinterest has pages and pages of Disney bounding outfit ideas for any and all characters you can think of – you can coordinate as a group and use different themes! It makes for great photo ops and the characters really enjoy it, too! 

4. Custom Autograph Books
Getting autographs are a great way to interact with the characters, and they really take notice when the autograph book is different than the rest! If you’re looking for a way to keep busy while counting down to your trip, create your own autograph book! You can make them as simple or as detailed as you want to and then you have a wonderful, handmade souvenir full of fun character autographs – they really like it when they have their own page!

5. Create a Trip Music Video
When you’re back home and Post­-Disney Depression is setting in, nothing brings a smile to your face faster than being able to look back on pictures of your trip. You can relive those memories with even more magic by capturing small video clips of moments throughout your trip, compiling them together with a song that speaks to the spirit of your group or vacation and sharing it with friends and family! You’ll enjoy being able to watch all of the fun over and over until it’s time to create more!

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