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The Pirates of the Caribbean and Custom Disney Shirts

Personalized Disney shirt for family, pirate design

By Aldo, Intern of Inspiration at Celebration Shirts

Close your eyes and go back to the time, when waters were not familiar with maritime laws and coastal patrols. Imagine a time when the sea was home to pirates and plundering personalities. Imagine being overtaken by a ship with a black flag with a skull and crossbones on it, knowing that within seconds that your ship was going to be taken and your life and belongings would soon be at the mercy of invaders. Feel the bone chilling fear running through your backbone and now open your eyes, take a deep breath and thank goodness, for today is not the day of pirates.

However, if you love that age and the movies recently released, there is still a place where you can go and breathe in the 17th century seaport towns and the open waters littered with rogues, deserters and pirates. Walt Disney World in Florida offers you the unparalleled opportunity to breathe in the times of pirates and meet Captain Jack Sparrow. The Pirates of the Caribbean ride was opened for people back in 1973 and since then, it is one of the most favorite rides in the Park. Here’s a little guide to this ride, with some special tips.

Here’s what you are expected to encounter during your adventure...

Pirates’ Grotto – Enjoy the bone chilling environment of Dead Man’s Cove and Hurricane Lagoon

The Fort – Watch a magnificent seaport castle being attacked by Captain Barbarossa

Town Square – Experience the feeling of a 17th century Caribbean town square where a bride is being auctioned

Burning City – See the wrath of the pirates and looters as they torch a seaside town

The Dungeon – Last, but not the least, watch how some very clever pirates in a jail try to lure a dog into giving them the keys of the dungeon.

Wait a second …..

What pirate attraction is complete without Captain Jack Sparrow? Yes, back in 2006, impressed from the success of the character of Captain Jack Sparrow, the Disney decided to add Captain Jack Sparrow to the ride. He appears at many occasions and he looks strikingly same as real Jack Sparrow... Johnny Depp.

What’s more?

If you loved the movie series known as Pirates of the Caribbean, you must be aware of the frightening villain known as Davy Jones. Oh yeah! He is also the part of this ride and you’d simply love and be frightened at the same time, watching him appearing from the mist.

Some insight, just for you...

  • Although the ride has nothing to frighten the kids, there is a quick drop in the middle and a few scenes showing violence and gun fire.
  • While you would love to sit in the front row to really enjoy the ride, you would certainly get wet. If getting wet is something you don’t like, better take one of the back rows. The view is perfectly fine from all rows.
  • The length of the ride is 10 minutes, so make sure to get the most out of it. Keep your eyes peeled!
  • If time is of essence to you, experience Pirates of the Caribbean in the morning or better still, try their FastPass+ facility and book your favorite experience as early as 30 days before you arrive.
  • It’s a dark ride with water and those who are afraid of both should not try it. However, the boats are safe, waters are shallow and the scenes are well-lit so there is not much darkness to concern you.

The best tip of all? Make your vacation even more memorable!

Custom Disney Shirts, matching pirate shirtYour trip to Walt Disney World and experience of the Pirates of the Caribbean attraction is a wonderful memory in the making. Treasure it accordingly! Celebration Shirts has a personalized shirt and matching shirt ideal for a journey along the seas at Pirates of the Caribbean. They are adventurous designs adults and kids alike will seek out. Have an epic vacation!

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